Factory Tour

Factory Tour

Data Aire Entrance

Take A Tour of Our Factory

Okay, so this isn’t as exciting as visiting Data Aire in person, but at least it doesn’t involve sitting in traffic. Our new, expanded facility is located between the 5, 57 and 91 freeways in Orange, California.    Scroll down and see what has made Data Aire the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision environmental control equipment for over 40 years.




We’re Known for our Fast Production and Large Parts Inventory

Data Aire stocks scroll compressors in a wide range of tonnages to speed production schedules.  We also maintain a high level of stocked components and parts so that we can build units to your specification in as little as one week when using our premium program. Our parts department is always happy to assist you with finding replacement parts.



FabricationOur Unique Frame Fabrication Makes for Added Durability

Constructed out of heavy-duty tubular steel, our frames support our equipment.  And we stand behind them.  Jigs and fixtures are used to produce frames to exact specifications, and our certified welders use both MIG and TIG welding processes.  Sharp edges are ground smooth to protect wiring and, service personnel.



Sheet MetalSheet Metal Components

Data Aire has total control of every production step which guarantees that every component meets our exacting standards.  Every sheet metal component is cut, bent and made ready with computer assisted equipment.  Here an operator removes a completed component from our 40-station turret punch.



Forming and WeldingForming and Welding

No detail is ever left to chance.  Here a condensation pan is completed using one of our spot welding machines.  This versatile equipment allows us to produce welded assemblies of almost every size and description.






Refrigeration and ComponentsRefrigeration Components

Using all copper pipe and fittings, our piping system is validated by an industry standard pressure test and a leak detection procedure.




Custom Coil AssembliesCustom Coil Assemblies

Here coils are staged for the header brazing operation. Each coil is assembled to particular customer specifications.





Coil Header AssemblyCoil Header Assembly

All coil headers are precision-brazed using oxy/propylene torches.  Some configurations have as many as 110 joints that require brazing!  Thermal expansion valves and distributors are then added to coils.




Quality Coil ComponentsQuality Coil Components

All coil pans are constructed of stainless steel.  While the coils themselves have copper tubes and aluminum fins, optional copper fin or coated coils are available.




Coil Leak TestingCoil Leak Testing for Long-Term Reliability

All completed coil assemblies are thoroughly leak tested by placing a 400-psi charge of nitrogen on the coil which is then submerged in a water tank.  The operator then watches for any nitrogen bubbles rising to the surface.



Electrical Panel and ComponentsElectrical Panels and Components

Every electrical panel begins with a blank sheet metal box and ends up being custom-designed by Data Aire’s Engineering Department.  All parts are pre-assembled for each unit using only the highest quality electrical components that meet NEC requirements.



Color Coded WiresColor Coded Wires for Easier Field Service

The final electrical module wiring takes advantage of color coded wires that make the assembly quicker and provides for faster, easier service in the field. Terminal strips clearly identify each connection.  No codes are used.  To ensure each electrical connection is uniform and tight, our bench-wiring department uses automatic wire strippers and crimpers.



Integrating Sub AssembliesIntegrating Sub-Assemblies

Skilled technicians wire the various components into the main electrical service panel using color-coded wire. Compressors, motors, sensors, reheat elements, humidifiers and smoke detectors are all wired per engineering drawings. Every attempt is made to locate wire looms out of the way of routine maintenance traffic.




Refrigerant TestRefrigerant Test

No unit leaves the premises without undergoing a continuous multi-point inspection program performed by quality control personnel utilizing a variety of visual, mechanical and computerized procedures.  Here refrigerant is checked to make certain that the unit is properly charged. All components are checked to ensure proper operation, and a final leak test is performed.





Computerized Run TestComputerized Run Test

Each unit is then put through a computerized test checking and recording the performance of each component. The computer program has built-in parameters that must be met in order for a unit to pass and be released for shipment.  This comprehensive test assures the unit’s total quality and ability to meet design specifications.



Nothing Leaves Without a TicketNothing Leaves Without a Ticket

All header production and leak testing operations are documented on a ticket which is placed on the unit. The ticket identifies who performed the test and its outcome.  These tickets are evidence that critical operations have been carried out by qualified personnel.



Cleaning and Powder CoatingCleaning and Powder Coating

Data Aire components are put through a rigorous cleaning procedure before the powder-coated finish is applied.  All outdoor condensers and condensing units are supplied with aluminum casing to ensure longer life and resistance to weather.




Final Exterior Panel Assembly

After the units have been checked and tested, exterior panels are attached and aligned and then there’s one final inspection.  This inspection includes a check of unit components and any options that may have been special-ordered.  All pertinent information, including wiring diagrams, operation and maintenance manuals, is included with each unit.





Ready To ShipOnce Everything is Ship Shape…

Products ready for shipping are custom packaged for the utmost protection.  Data Aire units are wrapped in a plastic film followed with a protective cardboard wrap.  Additionally, a protective wood structure is custom fitted to each unit to prevent any damage.