Data Aire Series Chilled Water

Data Aire Series Chilled Water

Large capacity precision environmental control

Data Aire Series Chilled Water





Data Aire chilled water series units are constructed with heliarc welded tubular steel frame providing for maximum strength and ease of access. Side and front panels can be easily removed with quarter-turn fasteners allowing full access to all unit components. All panels include 1 inch thick, 11/2 pound density insulation for protection and sound attenuation.




Designed for draw through application, the computer selected A-frame coil provides greater efficiency in the cooling and dehumidification process. Air is drawn through both slabs at velocities that provide effective surface exposure with minimum turbulence. The chilled water flow is controlled by a 3-way modulating mixing valve for accurate and economical temperature and dehumidification control. Bypass air is provided to prevent saturated air from being introduced into the controlled space. The coil sits in a stainless steel drain pan.




The centrifugal, forward curved, double width, double inlet blower configuration is engineered for quiet reliable operation. The dual belt driven variable pitch drive section provides adjustable air flow capability to match the load requirements of the controlled space. The draw through design insures even air distribution across the coil and bypass, low internal cabinet pressure losses and static sealing of the filter section. Motors are mounted on an adjustable slide base and have internal overload protection.




Units are provided with 4 inch deep, 30% efficient (based on ASHRAE Std. 52-76) MERV 8, pleated filters. The filter section is accessible from the top or side on downflow units and both sides on upflow units.




Three stage electric reheat is standard. Low-watt density finned tubular sheathed coils provide ample capacity to maintain room conditions during dehumidification. Low-watt density coils eliminate ionization associated with open air electric resistance heating.




Steam Generator Humidifier

Units are furnished with an electric steam generator humidifier with “quick change” disposable cylinders and auto-flush cycle. The steam generator humidifier with its patented control system optimizes cylinder life by concentrating incoming water to a predetermined conductivity much higher than that of any entering water. The control system continuously monitors the conductivity in the cylinder through its electronics which allows water to be flushed as often as is necessary to maintain the level at this design conductivity. The high design conductivity results in a minimum flushing of heated water which saves energy. The humidifier is designed to allow all units at any voltage to produce full rated steam output at an optimum low water level.




The microprocessor based Data Alarm Processor-III™ offers the definitive answer for precision environmental control. The DAP-III™ control system not only controls and monitors temperature, humidity, airflow, and cleanliness, it provides component run times, alarm history, and an automatic self-test of the microprocessor on system start-up. All messages are presented in a clear vernacular format and sequentially displayed on a 2 row, 80 character, backlit liquid crystal display (LCD).


OPERATION Highly reliable, flat, sealed switches with tactile feedback allow unit on/off operation, menu selection for programming, operational information, diagnostics, and historical data. Multilevel password prevents unauthorized access. Alarm conditions are enunciated by an audible alarm. The alarm silence switch will quiet the audible alarm but the display will continue to indicate the alarm condition until the problem is corrected.






• Forward/Backward Menu Access

• Multilevel Password Access

• Stand Alone Panel

• All Settings from Face of Panel

• Factory Calibrated Temperature

• Factory Calibrated Humidity Sensor

• Database of Unit & Room Conditions

• All Programmed Settings Saved in EEPROM

• Battery Backup for Historical Data

• Automatic Self-Test Diagnostics




• Manual Diagnostics Program

• Alarms Displayed in Order of Occurrence

• Manual Override for: Blower


Heat 1,


Water Valve

• Adjustable Alarm Limit

• Four Programmable Optional Alarms

• Programmable Delays for Optional Alarms

• Programmable Remote Alarm

• Audio Alarm Tone

• Select Alarms Optionally Disabled




• Selectable Control Type

• Metal Shell Enclosure with Sealed Front Control Panel

• Sequential Load Activation

• Isolation Transformer

• Temperature

• Opto-Coupler Signal Inputs

• Humidity Anticipation

• Network Bypass Relays

• Dehumidification Mode Lockout

• Protected 24 VAC Power Input

• Start Time Delay

• Heavy Ground Planes & Power Foils

• Automatic or Manual Restart

• Watch Dog Timer

• Automatic Reheat Element Rotation

• Fused RS-485 Network Lines

• Chilled Water Coil Flush Cycle

• Switching Power Supply




• Humidifier Flush Cycle

• Analog Inputs

• RS-485 Network System

• Modulating Humidifier Control

• Two Additional Remote Alarms


PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONSThe user friendly Menu Selection switches permit step-by-step programming of the following selections:


• Temperature Setpoint: 65-85° F/18.3-29.4° C

• Temperature Deadband: ± 1-5° F/C

• High Temperature Alarm Limit: 70-90° F/21.1-32.2° C

• Low Temperature Alarm Limit: 55-75° F/12º 8-23º 9° C

• Humidity Setpoint: 30-70% RH

• Humidity Deadband: 1-15% RH

• High Humidity Alarm Limit: 35-90% RH

• Low Humidity Alarm Limit: 10-65% RH

• Mode And Stage Response Time: 1-5 minutes

• Audio Alarm Mode: None/Long/Full/Short Beep

• Reset Equipment Times


Reheat Strip 1, 2, 3



Reset All to Zero Runtimes

• Automatic Self-Test Acknowledge: On/Off

• Dehumidification Mode: Dehumidification Off

• System Start Delay: 0-10 Minutes in 5 Second Increments

• Message for Optional Alarm 1, 2, 3,

Custom Message Alarm: 25 Space Message

Fan Motor Overload: Check Motor Amperage*

Local Alarm: See Tag Inside Door

Standby Pump On: Check Primary Pump*

UPS/Alternate Power On: Check Main Power

Reheat Inhibited

Humidification Inhibited

Reheat and Humidification Inhibited

• Delay for Optional Alarm 1, 2, 3, 4: 0-900 Seconds/Off

• Firestat Temperature Alarm Limit: Unit Shutdown and Alarm @ 100-150° F

• Temperature Scale: Fahrenheit/Centigrade

• Remote Alarm 1, 2, 3, Selection*

Custom Message 1, 2, 3, 4

Dirty Filter: + 9.9° F/C

Discharge Air Sensor Problem*

Fan Motor Overload*: + 30% RH



High Temperature

Humidifier Problem

Humidifier Sensor Problem

Local Alarm 1, 2, 3, 4*

Low Humidity


• Low Voltage

• Maintenance

• Manual Override

• No Airflow

• No Water Flow*

• Power Problem or Restart

• Smoke Detector*

• Standby Pump On*

• Temperature Sensor Problem

• Water Detection Probe

• Reheat Inhibited

• Manual Diagnostics: Normal Menu/Diagnostic Mode

• Humidity Anticipation: On/Off

• Low Discharge Temperature Alarm Limit*: 45-60° F/7.2-15.6° C

• Power Failure or Restart Mode:

Automatic: No Message

Automatic: Message, Audio Alarm, Relay

Manual: Message, Audio Alarm, Relay

• Person to Contact on Alarm

Message Not Used

Data Processing Manager

Maintenance Engineer

Service Company

Custom message

• Define Password: 00-99

• Humidifier Autoflush Timer*

Autoflush Timer Not Used

6 Hours

12-96 Hours in 12 Hour Increments

• Scheduled Normal Maintenance: 1-1000 Hours/Off

• Control Logic: Setpoint Deviation/PID/Smart Logic

• Unit and Network Identification Number: 0-260

• Calibrate Temperature Sensor: + 9.9° F/C

• Calibrate Humidity Sensor: + 30% RH

• Calibrate Discharge Sensor*: 9.9° F/C

• Reheat Stages


1, 2, or 3

Hot Water*

• Humidifier


Computer, Non-Modulating

Computer, Modulating

Comfort, Non-Modulating

Comfort, Modulating

• Water Valve Mode


Chilled Water Cooling

• UPS/Alternate Power On

• Humidification Inhibited



DISPLAYED CONDITIONS, DATA, & FUNCTIONS The Data Alarm Processor-II™ displays and monitors the following conditions, data, and functions:


• Temperature Setpoint

• Humidity Setpoint

• Current Temperature

• Current Humidity

• Current Percent of Capacity Utilized

• Current Discharge Air Temperature*

• Unit or Network ID Number

• Zone Number

• Cooling

• Reheat Stages 1, 2, 3

• Humidification

• Dehumidification


ALARMS Alarm conditions are displayed and monitored on the microprocessor LCD along with an audible alarm. The alarm silence switch will quiet the audible alarm but the display will continue to indicate the alarm condition until it is corrected. The following alarms are displayed:


• High Temperature Warning

• Low Temperature Warning

• High Humidity Warning

• Low Humidity Warning

• Under Floor Water Detection

• No Air Flow

• Dirty Filter

• Humidifier Failure

• Manual Override

• Firestat Tripped

• Low Voltage Warning

• Power Failure Restart

• Maintenance Required

• Temperature Sensor Error

• Humidity Sensor Error

• Discharge Air Sensor Error*

• Local Alarm

• Fan Motor Overload*

• No Water Flow*

• Smoke Detected*

• Standby Pump On*

• Custom Message*


NOTE:Some of the programmable selections, displays, or alarms may require additional components or sensors. Contact your Data Aire representative for a detailed analysis of your requirements.)



HISTORICAL DATA In order to facilitate maintenance and service, historical data can be recalled and displayed. The historical database is maintained by battery back-up should power fail. The following data can be recalled and displayed:


• High Temperature Last 24 Hours

• Low Temperature Last 24 Hours

• High Humidity Last 24 Hours

• Low Humidity Last 24 Hours

• Average % of Capacity Last Hour

• Alarm History for Last 10 Alarms

• Equipment Runtimes
Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensors


Temperature and humidity sensors may be ordered for remote wall mounting. Sensors are provided in a wall mount plastic case for remote sensing of temperature and humidity. 25 feet of shielded cable is provided for field wiring.


Smoke Detector


A unit mounted smoke detector will shut down the unit if smoke is sensed. The unit mounted microprocessor control will sound an alarm and display a “SMOKE DETECTED” message. The smoke detector is mounted in the return air stream and is provided with auxiliary contacts.


Unit Mounted Disconnect


A unit mounted non-automatic disconnect switch is installed in the high voltage electrical section. The operating mechanism (handle) protrudes through the decorative exterior panel. The operating mechanism prevents access to the high voltage electrical components by not allowing entry until switched to the “OFF” position.


Condensate Pump


Condensate pumps may be ordered as factory installed or shipped loose for field installation. Condensate pumps are complete with sump, motor, and automatic control. The pumps are rated for 130 GPH @ 20 foot maximum head or 40 GPH @ 20 feet with check valve. Pumps shipped loose are available in 115, 230, or 460 volts.




Floorstands are adjustable ± 2 inches and may be ordered with factory installed turning vane or with seismic construction.


High Efficiency Filters


Standard filters are rated at 30% (per ASHRAE Std. 52-76) MERV 8. Higher efficiency filters are available (consult factory regarding efficiency and unit static pressure).


Steam Generator Humidifier with Modulating Control


Modulating control may be added to the steam generator humidifier. Modulating control will allow the humidifier to automatically adjust steam output to match changing room conditions. Self-regulating auto flush is included.


Hot Water Reheat


Where hot water is available, a water coil for reheat may be added. The coil is designed for 150 psi maximum water pressure and includes a 2-way valve (a 3-way is also available). Units with the hot water reheat do not include electric reheat. Supplemental reheat may be ordered.


2-Way Chilled Water Valve


A 2-way chilled water valve is available to replace the standard 3-way valve where required.


Upflow Plenum


Upflow plenums are fully insulated and have front discharge air grille. Side grilles for both or one side are available. Plenums are 18″ high and are painted to match the unit color.


Extended Compressor Warranties – Extended compressor warranties are available for periods of twenty-four (24) or forty-two (42) months in addition to the standard factory eighteen (18) month warranty. These warranties are for the replacement of compressors and do not include labor.

 Chilled Water Cutaway

This is one of our highest capacity units. Includes many special features as standard.