System Controls

System Controls

System Controls

System controls by Data Aire are capable of precisely monitoring one or more air conditioning units. These easily programmed controls provide maximum flexibility in defining total system operation.  With the addition of a communication card, which can be installed at the factory or in the field, the units can communicate with most popular building management systems (BMS).

System Controls can be remotely accessed to receive any alarms or detailed reports.

Data Alarm Processor IV (Dap IV) Data Alarm Processor 4 (dap4)

dap4 control system is the fastest and most advance microprocessor controller available on the market today. It has all the functionality of previous Data Aire controllers and provides a solid platform for future growth. The system is comprised of two components – a display module and a control module. The display module includes a backlit liquid crystal display and six buttons for easy programming and communication. All programming, status and alarm conditions are displayed on the module in easy to read verbiage. The control module is mounted inside the unit and connected to the display module via a special “telephone” like cable.


DataAire RackSense 32ThumbRackSense 32

RackSense 32 Module is the latest technology from Data Aire allowing 32 rack temperature sensors to be connected to the dap4, the fastest and most advanced microprocessor controller, for monitoring and/or control. RackSense 32 provides reliable temperature readings in racks to ensure adequate cold air is provided to eliminate and prevent hot spots.


The RackSense 32 module is offered as an option in Data Aire’s gForce floor mounted and In-Row cooling series.


dara-4g2 -Cover Shotdara-4g2
dara-4g2 is the latest Relay AutoChangeover offering from Data Aire. The dara-4g2 offers the same, dependable data center monitoring and control capabilities as its predecessor, DARA-4, but now offers numerous enhanced features and benefits for streamlined programming; zone temperature control options; and fail-safe prevention. The controller cycling intervals can be set to 4, 8, 12, 24 hours or 7, 14, or 30 days. The sleek new design incorporates soft buttons and a LCD control panel for user-friendly programming.


Power Capacitor Module
Add the smart Power Capacitor Module to your dap4 controller to help control the impact of short-term power outages or power transitions for 90 seconds. In the event of an AC power loss, the Power Capacitor Module allows the dap4 to perform a controlled logic shutdown of any running compressors – so when power is reinstated the compressors will restart in a controlled manner.

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