History of Data Aire

History of Data Aire

At the dawn of the computer age it became apparent to manufactures of data processing equipment that standard comfort cooling was insufficient to control the environment in data processing spaces. Comfort cooling dealt with high latent heat loads and wide tolerance ranges. Whereas cooling for data processing equipment needed to address high levels of sensible heat loads and tight tolerance ranges. In addition, there was a need to control humidity to avoid static electricity or condensate creation, leading to problems with the equipment operating properly.  Also paper punch cards were the only method to input computer code (instructions) and data into these early computers, and high humidity caused cards to frequently jam. As a result, a limited number of companies formed to solve these issues, one was a company named Supreme Aire in Torrance, CA. Supreme Aire was a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment and Peter Manes, then Chief Engineer and Vice President, of Supreme Aire developed their first computer room air conditioners around 1964. They called this line of products – Data Aire.

Unfortunately Supreme Aire ran into financial difficulties in the late 1970s. To help them through these trying times Supreme Aire sold off the Data Aire product line to Construction Specialties, Inc. a private company located in New Jersey.  (For more information on Construction Specialties visit www.c-sgroup.com.) Construction Specialties operated the new business, which they called Data Aire, Inc., as a wholly own subsidiary and moved the operation to Garden Grove, CA.


From the beginning Data Aire was setting new standards for the industry. Unlike many of the other manufactures the initial Data Aire units were glycol closed looped systems, most of the other systems available at the time were air cooled. This was done to ensure optimum operation of the system and a resolve to deliver results.In the late 1960’s Data Aire introduced the first solid state control panel and holds the original patent. Since this first control panel there have been many generations of microprocessor controllers culminating in today’s dap4 controller. This advanced control system is recognized throughout the industry as a reliable robust unit.



During the 1980’s Data Aire became aware of a better, more efficient humidification system with reduced maintenance. The steam generator humidifier was quickly adopted as standard equipment by Data Aire, before any other manufacturer. Steam generator humidifiers are now the standard of the industry today. As advances in refrigeration technology came about Data Aire took note. Scroll compressors were gaining wide acceptance and Data Aire introduced them as standard equipment around 1993, again an industry first. Scroll compressors are widely recognized as the most efficient compressor on the market, today.


As the dot.com bubble gained momentum, so did Data Aire which quickly out grew the cozy confines of Garden Grove and moved the operation to a larger facility in Anaheim, CA in late 1998 and then in January of 2002 to the present location of Orange, CA. Unfortunately the dot.com bubble burst and times were difficult but Data Aire continued to manufacture and innovate.


Controls were becoming more important in the data center and Data Aire began offering direct connection from our controllers to building management systems (BMS) in 2004. Initially the protocols were limited but today we offer communication cards for all major BMS systems, a simple and easy solution for owners of our equipment.  In advance of the implementation of the Montreal protocol, around 2005, when the phase out of R-22 was imminent, Data Aire began offering our equipment in either of two environmentally friendly refrigerants, R-410a and R-407c, the only computer room air conditioning company to do so. Since the market direction concerning which refrigerant would become most prevalent was unclear, Data Aire offered both, allowing our customer’s their choice.


Around this time the data center industry took note of its high usage of the country’s energy and began to find ways to reduce the increase use of electricity.  Data Aire did its part and developed our new line of computer room air conditioners, gForce. Officially launched in 2012, this product line included many energy efficient concepts including electronically commutated (EC) fans, rifled tubing coils and improved internal airflow to minimize resistance as air passed through the unit. These combined features provide a 20 to 40% energy savings over our legacy line.  Continuing in the direction of energy efficiency Data Aire also introduced our Air Side Economizer, allowing outside air to cool the data center space when environmental conditions were acceptable. Our distinguishing feature was that our logic was designed to provide the maximum amount of outside air, resulting in the lowest energy usage.


When in-row products became popular Data Aire introduced a complete line of chilled water and DX units. But these units were different from the other product offerings. They didn’t protrude out into the aisle yet deliver cool air to the front of adjacent server cabinets by using moveable vanes utilizing the Coanda effect. This was a significant improvement in in-row design.


Data Aire will continue to innovate and bring new concepts to data center cooling. But one thing we will never stop is building a quality product that we stand behind. We also will continue to build to our customer’s needs. Meaning we will modify our standard designs to achieve your needs, putting the customer first. Finally, we will continue to have the shortest lead times in the industry, as always