Precision Cooling Overview

Precision Cooling Overview

Precision Cooling – Overview


Floor- Mounted Units

From 2 to 50 ton or 7 to 211 kW capacities, Data Aire floor mounted computer room air conditioners provide programmable control of temperature and humidity. Quality construction and thorough testing before shipment results in long, reliable service. Many standard options are available, but additional customer requests are carefully considered, and if feasible, will be engineered into the product.

Ceiling-Mounted Units

Designed for environments where space is limited, or where ceiling installation is desired. Most ceiling units are only 24”, and provide flexible installation options. Supply/returns can be either direct or ducted. Split or packaged systems are available with up to 13 ton capacities for larger cooling needs.

Rack and Row Solutions

Data Aire provides solutions to localized cooling, whether in a single rack or within a particular row. These products are ideal for data centers that require more cooling but aren’t able to add additional CRACs or CRAHs or have a particular “hot spot” that needs cooling. In some cases these solutions are deployed across the data center.

Specialty Units

Shelf-mounted units are ideal for applications where floor space and ceiling area are limited. Units can be wall-mounted with all components easily accessible through the front cabinet for service. Units are available in packaged or split systems.

Heat Exchangers

Built, wired and tested by Data Aire, these units are ruggedly designed with sturdy aluminum housings. Aluminum fins are utilized for maximum heat transfer. Up to 100 ton capacities are available, including low decibel versions in both air cooled condensers and fluid coolers.



  • Tenant Improvements
  • Communication Closets
  • Data Rooms
  • Battery Rooms
  • Large Computer Centers
  • Telecom Rooms
  • Office Retrofits