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The Mission Critical Evolution

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When is HVAC Economization a Good Fit?

What’s driving Data Aire to provide more efficient and flexible precision cooling systems to the Data Center market?

How Prefab Modular Data Centers Fell in Love with Thermal Control

They say marriage is a partnership – one built on trust, flexibility and shared goals. If that’s the case, precision cooling manufacturers and prefab data center or power module designers are a perfect match.
DX Cooling HVAC System

DX Cooling – Making the Right Cooling System Selection

When you’re looking to find the best precision cooling equipment for the environmental control infrastructure of your facility, you will quickly find that precision cooling equipment comes in two main categories: direct expansion system (DX)…
Chilled Water Cooling System

Chilled Water Cooling – Is It the Right System for You?

In existing buildings, you may not think you have a choice regarding chilled water (CHW) vs. direct expansion (DX) systems, but read on, what you learn may surprise you. Typically, the decision regarding which cooling source is better for…
Digital Revolution Cloud Data Center

The Data Center Revolution – Are You Ready?

Author: Eric Jensen, VP/GM, Data Aire Sometimes we hear people comment that we should be thankful to live in such interesting times. However, can there be too much of a good thing? For example, in the tech world things are moving so quickly…
Computer Server Room

Data Center Efficiency Gains with Optimized Airflow Solutions

Cooling Techniques and New Approaches to Efficiency There are new and emerging options around CRAC designs, condensers, fluid coolers, advanced system controls, containment solutions, various cooling systems like chilled water or direct expansion,…
Free Cooling - Data Center Economization

Is Free Cooling Really Free?

What is Free Cooling? The concept of ‘free cooling’, or perhaps better put, economization solutions, really deserves some definition. First of all, did you know that free cooling is now virtually mandated by the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1[1]?…
Data Center Digital Brain

Your Growing Data Center Brain

Data Center Expansion - Demanding Airflow Management The reality is simple: the data center has become the brain, or central nervous system of any organization. And, this ‘brain’ is getting pretty smart. Today’s executives are demanding…
digital data center cooling

Transforming the Digital Landscape with Energy Efficient Data Center Cooling Tech

One of the most inter-connected carrier hotels uses a purpose-built data center cooling solution to exceed California's energy efficiency requirements.