We can relate to you —
because we think like you.

There is a little bit of Aire Head, Data Nut, and Control Freak in all of us. We embrace it — and hope you do, too!

As Aire Heads, we think about airflow management every day, all day. We help specifying engineers and data center personnel choose the right systems based on the unique needs of their mission critical space.

We’re a bunch of Data Nuts as well.  We love the details.  We think in numbers: entering air conditions, tonnage of equipment, capacity requirements, tight control tolerances, and more.

And we’re not embarrassed to say we’re Control Freaks.  We’re focused on providing intelligent controls that offer relevant, accurate and actionable data that help you make informed business decisions.

We dig deep, research diligently, listen carefully.  Because we know that every part of the system we engineer for you must be carefully chosen to do its job reliably and efficiently every day.  Just like the precision environmental control-obsessed people we hire.

We know precision cooling systems better than anyone because that’s our specialty.

Our team is flexible. Our standard designs are engineered-to-your-order.

Choose Data Aire and proceed with confidence.

OUR MISSION | To support critical facilities that rely on our consultative approach to invent, manufacture and deliver environmental control systems –securing operating continuity.

Data Aire Blogs

Data Center Cooling Hotspots

Are Your Data Center Cooling Units Talking About Hot Spots? They Should!

Intelligent Data Center Cooling CRAC & CRAH Controls In an ever-changing environment like the data center, it’s most beneficial to have as many intelligent systems working together as possible. It’s amazing to think of how far technology…

Boost Your Data Center Cooling ROI with Precise Load Matching

Do You Know Which Solution is Right for You? One thing is certain, optimal data center design is a complex puzzle to solve. With all the options available, no one environmental control system can fit all situations. You must consider all…

Data Center Trends: A Cool Perspective in 2021

What is the current state of data center rack density, and what lies ahead for cooling as more users put artificial intelligence to work in their applications? For years, the threat of high rack densities loomed yet each passing year saw the…

Cooling for High[ER] Density Data Centers Should be a Design Feature, Not an Afterthought

Few data centers live in a world of ‘high’ density, a number that is a moving target, but many are moving to high[er] density environments. Owners of higher density data centers often aren’t aware of how many variables factor into cooling…
Whitepaper to learn about the Department of Energy's (DOE) current standards for the efficiency ratings of a CRAC

How to Use ASHRAE Data Center Cooling Standards

If you've ever done anything even remotely related to HVAC, you've probably encountered ASHRAE at some point. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers is a widely influential organization that sets all sorts…
data center cooling

Data Center Cooling Best Practices

It’s vital to keep your data center environment optimal to promote peak performance. Data center cooling is a $20 billion industry. Cooling is the highest operational cost aside from the ITE load itself. It’s also the most important…

Data Center Outlook in a COVID World – Video FastChat

Data center numbers are growing – but is your efficiency falling? The latest AFCOM State of the Data Center report, post-COVID, indicates strong growth in the data center space. This includes cloud, edge, and even colocation space. However,…

Data Center Expansion Through Adaptive Reuse | Executive Roundtable

Adaptive reuse began as a plan to convert classic buildings either for their charm, or to boost the economic preservation of historical buildings. Today, adaptive reuse has a much more pragmatic purpose – enhancing our physical and digital…

When is an HVAC Economizer a Good Fit?

What’s driving Data Aire to provide more efficient and flexible precision cooling systems to the Data Center market?

How Prefab Modular Data Centers Fell in Love with Thermal Control

They say marriage is a partnership – one built on trust, flexibility and shared goals. If that’s the case, precision cooling manufacturers and prefab data center or power module designers are a perfect match.
DX Cooling HVAC System
Chilled Water Cooling System

Chilled Water Cooling – Is It the Right System for You?

In existing buildings, you may not think you have a choice regarding chilled water (CHW) vs. direct expansion (DX) systems, but read on, what you learn may surprise you. Typically, the decision regarding which cooling source is better for…
Digital Revolution Cloud Data Center

The Data Center Revolution – Are You Ready?

Author: Eric Jensen, VP/GM, Data Aire Sometimes we hear people comment that we should be thankful to live in such interesting times. However, can there be too much of a good thing? For example, in the tech world things are moving so quickly…
Computer Server Room

Data Center Efficiency Gains with Optimized Airflow Solutions

Cooling Techniques and New Approaches to Efficiency There are new and emerging options around CRAC designs, condensers, fluid coolers, advanced system controls, containment solutions, various cooling systems like chilled water or direct expansion,…
Free Cooling - Data Center Economization

Is Free Cooling Really Free?

What is Free Cooling? The concept of ‘free cooling’, or perhaps better put, economization solutions, really deserves some definition. First of all, did you know that free cooling is now virtually mandated by the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1[1]?…
Data Center Digital Brain

Your Growing Data Center Brain

Data Center Expansion - Demanding Airflow Management The reality is simple: the data center has become the brain, or central nervous system of any organization. And, this ‘brain’ is getting pretty smart. Today’s executives are demanding…
digital data center cooling

Transforming the Digital Landscape with Energy Efficient Data Center Cooling Tech

One of the most inter-connected carrier hotels uses a purpose-built data center cooling solution to exceed California's energy efficiency requirements.
lean manufacturing, HVAC, CRAC, CRAH

What is ISO 9001 and Why Should You Care?

“What is ISO 9001, how does it help me, and why should I care?” you ask. The International Organization for Standardization, better known as ISO, is an international standard-setting body formed by representatives from various national…
Computer Room Air Conditioning CRAC CRAH

Precision Air Conditioning vs Comfort Cooling

Depending on the audience we speak to, either those new to the industry or those coming in from ancillary industries, such as indoor agriculture or archival and medical imaging spaces, they have often asked us what the main difference is between…
Arc Flash Warning Sign for Workplace Safety

What Causes an Arc Flash and How Do We Protect Employees?

At the  beginning of each year, Data Aire  schedules training or a refresher on several critical safety topics.  The safer our team is, the better we maximize our lean manufacturing processes and maintain on-time delivery. One  course we…
Data Aire Precision Environmental Control - Service Training

Service Training to Empower Your HVAC Performance

At first glance, every air-conditioning unit might look the same, but they are all built and designed differently. Data Aire has a team of Engineers that design and build our units to perform and operate in sensitive and critical environments.…
Combat Mold with Data Aire Environmental Control

Engineer Mold Out of Your Data Center

It may be interesting to look at in some forms, but mold is the bane of a building manager's or cultivator's existence. It makes spaces designed for people uninhabitable and when it shows up in an indoor agriculture facility it can mean that…
top HVAC tech support questions

Top 15 HVAC Tech Support Questions

The Data Aire Service Team regularly works with and supports HVAC service technicians all over the world as they call in to discuss any of the large array of issues that they may face in the field. It’s always great to speak with another…
Jobsite safety concerns for service technicians

Top Jobsite Safety Concerns for Environmental Control Technicians

We all know that HVAC equipment production, installation, maintenance and servicing all come with a certain degree of risk, particularly as you think about electrical current, location of equipment, and construction hazards on jobsites. We know…
Data Center Cooling with V3 Technology

Specifying Data Center Cooling for a Moving Target

As a sales manager of precision air conditioning equipment, I get a lot of calls talking through the design of data centers. While I am not claiming to be a pro at this, I have been in enough of them to see what works for many different applications. During…
PUE Power Usage Effectiveness_Binary Code

Is PUE for me? Top 3 System Selection Considerations for PUE

What You Need to Know about Data Center Cooling and PUE Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is a metric used to determine the energy efficiency of a data center. But what should you base your system selection on to meet your thermal management…
compressor heart health in HVAC unit

How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC Unit

What is the most important component in an air conditioning unit? Air conditioners consist of four basic mechanical parts: a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. All of the parts are crucial to the system functioning properly…
Air conditiong myths

Myth: Just a Shot of Freon

Just a Shot of Freon is All It Takes The common myth I’d like to debunk because I dislike it the most is the “it just needed a shot of refrigerant (Freon)” myth. A shot of Freon is almost never a permanent fix for your air conditioner’s…
Integrated Project Delivery_Toyota Way

Integrated Project Delivery is the New Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership in the Built Environment “A new moral principle is emerging which holds that the only authority deserving one’s allegiance is that which is freely and knowingly granted by the leader in response to, and in proportion…
Data Aire Gemba Walk

Why Should Manufacturers Conduct A Gemba Walk?

Don’t Underestimate the Value of the Gemba Walk The Gemba Walk is often used as a standard work staple in a manufacturer’s lean toolbox. Gemba is a Japanese word which means “the actual place” or “where the work is”. A Gemba Walk…