Pricing Updates

April 29, 2022

To:  All Data Aire Representatives & Distributors

Re:  NOTICE of Price Increase

Dear Colleagues,

In response to the continued inflationary environment and its cost pressures, it is prudent that Data Aire implement a price increase effective immediately.  A 9% increase will be applied.

Effective immediately, all newly created quotes will reflect the new prices and be valid for a period of 30 days and shipment within 6 months.

In addition, Data Aire is ending the automatic volume discount previously provided in the form of a pre-approved lower multiplier for quotes valued above a dollar threshold.  All volume discounts shall be approved by the Data Aire sales manager.

As a reminder, following is the Data Aire pricing policy:

Standard Data Aire, gForce, Mini/MiniPlus, Large Ceiling Shelf & DataCool series 0.32
Stand-alone heat rejection units (condensers, drycoolers, etc.) 0.40
Job-specific multipliers Apply only to a specific scope of work and total price for 60 days from the date approved by Data Aire Sales Management
Engineered-to-Order (aka “Specials”) Quotes valid for a specific scope of work and total price for 30 days from date approved by Data Aire Sales Mgmt
Parts Quotes valid for 10 days
Warranty / Services Quotes are valid for specific scope of work and total price for 30 days from the date quoted by Data Aire Sales Management or Service Department

*Note:  gForce series includes Ultra, InRow, and GT models in addition to “GF” models

Please feel free to reach out to your Regional Manager with any questions or concerns.

I appreciate your understanding, and, as always, we appreciate you bringing Data Aire to market in your territory.

Eric Jensen
Data Aire, Inc.