Specifying Data Center Cooling for a Moving Target

Data Center Cooling with V3 Technology

As a sales manager of precision air conditioning equipment, I get a lot of calls talking through the design of data centers. While I am not claiming to be a pro at this, I have been in enough of them to see what works for many different applications.

During one of these calls, the engineer mentioned how “back in the day” one would know exactly what the load was going to be and how it wouldn’t change for 10 years.  At the time, what he was claiming was true, because data centers just didn’t change much back then. The IT team would build up the data center with everything they had planned, and it would usually stay like that for years.

Smarter Data Center Design with gForce

Today data center design is a moving target. I think we would be hard pressed to find any of the newer data centers that aren’t swapping hardware out daily of some sort. Heck, it happens so much now we have Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) taking over. There are so many changes that happen day-to-day that we can’t expect any one person or group to be able to keep up with it all. We must rely on smarter technology to manage assets and adapt.

So yes, some may say it’s harder to design a data center compared to what it used to be. However, design has become so easy on my end since Data Aire came out with the gForce systems with V3 Technology. The system is so much smarter and innovative that it adapts to the day-to-day changes internally. Using V3 Technology, the intelligent controls monitor the room conditions constantly and can vary in capacity to match the ever-changing loads of the environment.

Aligning Energy Output with
V3 Technology

V3 Technology aligns variable speed components to improve data center scalability and maximize the efficiency of your server room’s environment. A variable speed compressor provides variable capacity modulation to accurately match the energy needs of the mission critical environment. Variable speed fans with EC motors operate without shafts, bearings, belts or pulleys making them much more reliable and efficient. Variable Capacity Electronic Expansion Valves regulates the flow of refrigerant for maximum energy efficiency. The gForce Ultra is the industry’s first CRAC to incorporate variable speed technology for substantial energy savings, precise cooling and greater capacity modulation. Variable speed operation increases efficiency and energy savings because the units can scale up or down in capacity to match the heat output of your facility and when running at lower capacities, units use less energy and saves money.

Data Center Scalability with In-Row Solutions

Another call I had recently featured a project with a slower buildout.  My mind automatically went to gForce Ultra units as the wisest option. Let the technology of this advanced solution do all the hard thinking for us and then the CRAC units will grow with the room as it expands. I gave him my opinion of implementing Ultras with load adaptability around the perimeter of the space. The team jumped all over the ability to vary in load. And then they threw me a curveball. It was going to be a much more gradual buildout over 5-10 years and they didn’t want to spend the capital upfront to buy all the equipment and just have it sit dormant.

I informed them there’s a better way to adapt with the load in a smaller, more scalable way with gForce In-Row (IR) equipment. I explained how it also incorporates V3 Technology with variable speed compressors for flexible energy adaptability and increased energy savings. With the gForce IR, you can get the cold air exactly where it needs to be thanks to its curved air exiting geometry that utilizes the Coanda effect. With its smaller unit size, gForce IR easily retrofits into data centers that require high density cooling but have maxed out their current configuration. It was a great partnered discussion that ended up being exactly what the owner was looking for. The best part about these designs is we all know they will work and adapt to whatever the conditions are without any of us having to think about it again.

If you haven’t explored the V3 Technology by Data Aire, I highly recommend it. It’s a game changer and it will deliver exceptional performance to maximize the efficiency of your mission critical spaces.